Metta Energy is Australian owned and operated. We work with people, small businesses and larger industries to develop and deliver cost effective renewable energy solutions. Our solution's are tailored specifically for each client, as we endeavour to assist the transition away from fossil fuel based energy.

Our Mission

We aim to provide the latest renewable energy technology to your home or business; assisting individuals and communities to transition away from fossil fuels to more sustainable forms of living. Our philosophy is conscious and community driven - encouraging steps toward a rewarding future for individuals, families and businesses. It is our desire to see you enjoy the ongoing benefits of living sustainably. 


After 8 years consulting, designing and installing grid and off-grid solar and battery storage systems, Metta Energy has made it a core focus to continue to introduce awareness, education and lifestyle of renewable energy sources to homes and businesses around Australia. Our approach is transparent, smooth and efficient, which has benefited individuals, communities, businesses and most importantly the environment.


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