A sun kissed country, the Earth's greatest resource for power, energy and life is the Sun. Australia has the highest solar irradiance in the world, which means we can easily generate enough power to live and work from.

homegrown power: benefits for you

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1. Affordability

The price of solar panels have dropped 65% over the past 10 years, and the price of electricity has increased over 70%. This has made solar the most affordable form of energy in the world. The International Energy Agency stated the sun could be the most dominant form of electricity by 2050, with panel efficiency and price continuing to improve.

2. Quality 

All panels are Tier 1 rated, which mean they are manufactured through the top solar panel manufacturers. All panels have a minimum performance warranty of 25 years, Australian Clean Energy Council Registered, and meet Australian and International standards: IEC ISO.

3. Environment 

Generating solar power reduces your reliance on grid power which is generated from fossil fuel sources such as coal and gas. A 3kW solar system will generate approximately 4000kWh of clean electricity annually. One of the many benefits would include offsetting the annual CO2 emissions of your family's vehicle.  

4. Savings 

Solar power is the cheapest way to generate electricity. Whenever there is sunlight you will be generating power for your home. You can expect to immediately reduce your power bill by 30% or greater. The overall return on your investment, depending on the size and type of your system, should take somewhere between 3-6 years.

solar process: 3 easy steps 

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