solar panels

Battery Storage Basics

The type of battery storage technology which is now being used to store solar energy is a fairly new development, the last couple of years in fact. The batteries use a chemical process which allows for the storage of electrical energy which can then be used at a later time. 

The main reason for considering a battery system for your premise is that despite the abundance of the Sun’s irradiance, photovoltaic solar panels rely on direct sunlight in order to produce electricity. So when there is little or no sunlight there will be a decrease in energy production and the consumer would therefore have to revert to the grid as an energy provider.

Battery storage fosters self-sufficiency when it comes to energy production and consumption, its very easy to mitigate the risks of rising energy costs, avoid power outages and decrease the reliance on environmentally harmful fossil based fuels. 

Specific benefits for investing in battery technology will vary depending on the system size and design which will be taking into account the specific needs and requirement of each project but there is a lot to gain by investing into the great energy storage technologies available today.