renewable energy

Victoria's Renewable Energy Action Plan

This plan outlines decisive action that the Victorian Government is taking to encourage investment in our energy sector and to ensure Victorians continue to benefit from a renewable, affordable and reliable energy system into the future.

The Renewable Energy Action Plan invests $146 million across three focus areas:

    1    Supporting sector growth

    2    Empowering communities and consumers

    3    Modernising our energy system

Key initiatives include:

    •    $48.1 million for renewable energy certificate purchasing, including powering Victoria’s tram fleet. This has also brought forward the development of two new wind farms totalling 100MW and a new 75MW solar farm, resulting in over $350 million of investment and 500 new regional jobs.

    •    $15.8 million for smart software system, solar and battery storage microgrid initiatives across the state, and

    •    $25 million to deploy grid-scale battery storage facilities in the west of Victoria by Summer 2018.